A decadently soft leather jacket. A classically cool nylon bomber. A luxuriously cosy knit wrap coat. Pure New York style, with a joyful optimism to inspire you to be strong and follow your heart.

S I P O S  was conceived in 2016 by Samantha Sipos, a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A New York native, Sam desired to imbue her garments with ‘a rebellious spirit combined with love’, which formulated our core objective: to create beautifully crafted outerwear that embodies the austerity and triumph of the everyday New York women. New York is a constant contradiction of the gritty and the glamorous; our aim is to provide a jacket that acts as armor, without compromising on quality or style.

The Core Collection, offers an array of gorgeous and unique leather jackets, designed to add both a protective layer physically and emotionally as a perfect balance of strength and femininity. As S I P O S has grown, it has expanded into three collections a year (Fall / Winter, Spring / Summer and Resort), each with a wide variety of textiles, color, and style, to further create a curated vision. Featured on Rent the Runway, S I P O S is proving popular with women of all ages, and is becoming synonymous with ‘timeless style’.