Hi, I’m Samantha! | Founder & Designer

You know that feeling of giddiness when you set eyes on a piece that’s meant to be yours? Or when you make a purchase that immediately inspires a happy dance? The Samantha Sipos collection was created with that high-level joy in mind. Because every girl deserves to feel that excited about her outerwear.

 As someone whose personal style is simple—you can find me in jeans and a t-shirt on most days—the one piece I’ve always reached for to add a little personality and pop to my outfit is the jacket. Outerwear is an opportunity to have fun, play with unique detailing, and make a subtle or bold statement that makes you feel like you’re living your best life. And more personally, it’s the piece my mom, sisters, and I swap to this day.

Whether you lean in the direction of preppy, boho, edgy, or minimalist, the detailing and design of our timeless pieces easily blends with your unique personal style. From soft fur, metal studs, and star prints to neutral pastels, cropped silhouettes, and quilted touches, your soon-to-be favorite jacket is waiting for you right here.


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